Happy Zachary

What a gorgeous day!  Even though it was a little more Spring-like I kept my promise to spend some time getting to know Zachary better, hopefully giving him a chance to get to know me better.  When I arrived he was having his dinner and thoroughly enjoying it!   Caregivers Gretchen and Stephanie (very sweet young ladies, by the way) were there, so I picked their brains a bit while we had fun!  I didn’t have to ask what it meant when they said my friend was in a great mood!  Blurry photos?  Who cares?!  I couldn’t seem to get a photo that wasn’t blurry because we were laughing and smiling so much!   Good times.

Did I tell you he has an incredible smile?  Well, he also has the best laugh!  I think we should all be able to put aside worries, judgements, expectations and just smile and laugh sometimes.  It’s therapeutic, really.  Thanks, Zach.

Wanting to test Zachary’s comfort level, I decided to take him for an easy walk.  My primary goal was to walk with him only for as long as he was comfortable.  We used his wheelchair instead of his jogger because I want to ensure I know how to use the wheelchair insert next time we use the jogger.  I am hoping that will make him more comfortable on the longer, faster walks.

We strolled for about 20 minutes and yes, I had my “hovering mother” guard up.  Zachary didn’t seem uncomfortable, but wanting to end on a positive note I headed back to the house.  Chance had arrived just in time to remind me that… guess what?  I worry too much.  Haha – true, what a great guy!  So, when Gretchen brought another resident out for a walk we all went for a bit longer.

When we arrived back at the house I warmed Zachary’s hands by putting his in mine and blowing on them.  More laughs, more smiles!  I’ll remember that.  Gretchen kindly took a photo of Zachary and me together – I’m pretty sure we were  laughing about something here, too!

All in all it was a great training day… training me for a friendship with a pretty cool guy!

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