Training Plan

Only 26 days ‘til race day friends, and I’m really getting excited!  Because I’m also training for the Pelican Lakes Triathlon, my training includes cycling, walking, strength training, and swimming.  Well, occasional swimming – I’ve really got to step up that aspect of my training!  My last two weekends were spent enjoying some other important people in my life so I’m a bit behind on my long walks and rides that I normally fit in on the weekends.

My workout plan this week (slightly altered from what Coach Wendy gave me):

Monday – I was supposed to swim, but biked 24 miles instead
Tuesday – strength training:  legs, back, abs
Wednesday – strength training:  chest, shoulders, triceps / long walk with Zachary
Thursday – bike commute to work, strength training, then bike 1 hour after work
Friday – Masters Swim
Saturday – Rest Day!
Sunday – Bike to Zachary’s house, long walk with Zach, bike home


Todays walk: 5.6 miles in 1:14, roughly 4.5 mph.  My best solo walk was 6 miles at 4.6 mph, so we’re getting there…  Hey, we might even surpass that!

It’s difficult to maintain a fast walking pace…  However, I’m addicted to my Garmin and if my pace starts to slow, I try to kick it up a notch.  Just ask my old running buddy, Shane:  “Shane, we’re slowing down!  We have to go faster!”

great walk today

I used my cell phone to take photos so Zachary could see himself, which he seems to think is pretty cool.  Catching the fun moments is pretty cool, too!  This is halfway through our walk today and I’m excited to report that Zachary seemed happy and relaxed the entire time!  Awesome.

In support of Athletes in Tandem, four of my friends have volunteered to work at the aid booths at the Colorado Marathon – yay friends!  I also just had another friend contact me about competing with AiT!  You all ROCK!  It means so much to me that folks are willing to give even a little bit of their time to support a great organization!  Besides, they will also be helping all of the athletes who have come to compete in the Colorado Marathon!  If anyone else is interested in volunteering, please contact me via commenting on this blog or on Facebook.  Thanks, friends!

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2 Responses to Training Plan

  1. Great post Susan! Love the progress & new photos with Zachary. Looking forward to running into you two on race day!!!

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