When I showed up today, Zachary seemed tired and of course I questioned whether he wanted to go for a walk.  The gals informed me that Zachary was tired from his very busy day yesterday – yoga with Emily, then swimming, and then a run with Dennis.  Now, that’s training!  It’s wonderful that he can get out and be active!  I’ve been told that a very high percentage of people with disabilities spend their days in front of a TV.  Not at Zachary’s house!  Mr. Zach has amazing family, caregivers, and friends who enable him to participate in many activities!

I’m going to just come out and say it… TV is bad.  I think it’s the enemy, really.  I have my personal reasons for thinking this is true, but that’s another blog for another time.  I’ll confess, I like to watch something once in a while, but I also love to read, write, bike, hike, walk, talk, sing, dance, take photos, make jewelry, knit… the list goes on!  About the only thing I can do while watching TV is knit!  Hmm.  Needless to say, I don’t knit much any more.  I made a vow to myself a couple of years ago to watch less of the boob tube.  Guess what?  I discovered OUTSIDE!  Ha!  Who knew I would love it so much?  (all sunshiny and fresh-smelling and gorgeous!)

We saw some pretty great stuff OUTSIDE!  I tried to multitask and shoot video and photos while walking and pushing, BUT it didn’t work so well!   So… I stopped to take a few (and stopped the timer on my Garmin so I wouldn’t mess up my time and my pace)!

We went a little further this time and I was delighted to come across this artwork on the Spring Creek Trail!

This isn’t my normal trail so I’m pretty sure I’ve never noticed it before.  At least I’ve never slowed down enough to look at it.  So cool.   Zachary seemed to enjoy it, too!

We saw tons of other great stuff today:  horses, dogs at the dog park, all kinds of blooming plants, kiddos riding bikes and playing soccer, big kiddos playing adult kickball (FUN)!  I wanted to take more photos but was afraid we might not make it home in time for supper!  I need a helmet cam, or sunglasses cam… something like that.  I may be against TV, but I still love all kinds of electronic gadgets!

This is me trying to show you my Garmin with our final time, distance and pace:  today we walked 6.37 miles in 1:22.  That was my fastest solo walking pace before I partnered up with Zachary!  Okay, okay, I ran just a little to keep our pace where I wanted it to be and because Zachary was having a good time!  We just might have popped a few wheelies while we were at it.  And laughed… a lot!

Now turn off your TV and go enjoy OUTSIDE!

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2 Responses to OUTSIDE!

  1. Dennis says:

    Love reading about your journey with Zachary!

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