In Awe!

The past week or so has presented one great experience after another for me!  Just being able to get outside, enjoy the weather and push myself (and Zachary) to go faster and farther has left me with a great sense of accomplishment!  We have now have surpassed my former solo walking pace and distance!  I’m sure it’s due to the inspiration I get from having such a great partner and witnessing others participate with Athletes in Tandem!

Speaking of inspiration, I attended the Horsetooth Half Marathon to take photos, cheer everyone on, and watch Zachary and Travis compete together!  A-MAZING!  I was waiting at the Poudre Trail bridge to capture the perfect shot, but before I knew it, near the head of the pack came Wendy and James, then Dennis and David, and then Travis and Zachary!  Wow – I was so excited the only photo I got then was of the top of Dennis’ head.  Sorry, friend – do you want me to post it?

You know, I love to take photos, but I just don’t have a good setup that works while I’m training or racing… OR, apparently, cheering on the great athletes at the 1/2!   Luckily, there were some very talented real photographers there!  I absolutely love this photo of Travis and Zachary by Ryan at ColoradO2 Photography!

Please also check out Ryan’s blog at !

The photo below by Jeremie Schatz really makes me happy!  I was telling Zachary to have a great run (or maybe just being silly and trying to make him laugh – he has a great sense of humor)!  Thanks for being there and capturing a special moment, Jeremie!   Um, as much as Zachary loves it when I turn the viewfinder on my phone camera around and take silly photos of us, this is what we really needed!

Training is going well – I’m ready for next week’s 10K and am gearing up for my really BIG event!  I’ve cut back on the strength training (for now) and added more biking, swimming and brick workouts in preparation for the Pelican Fest Triathlon!  Check it out, and join us if you can!

As I was training with Zachary this week, and my legs were burning from pushing him nearly 7 miles, all I could think about was how easy the amazing AiT athletes make it look.  Uphill at the Horsetooth Half!  YOU ALL ROCK!  I am inspired to push my body to do the best I can for me and my partner Zachary, in whatever race we compete!

I know, I know, there are a ton of exclamation points in this post!  I can’t help it;  I am excited!  I am inspired!  I am… in awe!

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4 Responses to In Awe!

  1. Jen G says:

    I am in awe of you!!

  2. Mary Yocum says:

    I have sent your “blog” to my family back in Iowa and Idaho—all very inpressed with you and Zachary!!!

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