January Challenge – Fundraiser for Athletes in Tandem!

BRRR! Hi friends!

I’m glad it finally decided to act like winter here in Colorado! The only downside that I can see, is that it makes it really difficult to go on walks with Zachary and enjoy long bike rides!

So that I don’t completely become a couch potato and to support Athletes in Tandem (AiT) I’ve decided to join the Facebook IronDistance challenge fundraiser! https://www.facebook.com/groups/305338199577851/?fref=ts

From Coach Wendy: “A triathlon ANYONE can do – a self-paced triathlon completed incrementally throughout the course of the month. From January 1st – 31st, participants will strive to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles. The goal of this event is to encourage consistent exercise and rack up the miles!! Register NOW!”

If your participation in this challenge is not your type of gig, please consider a pledge per mile, such as 10 cents per mile and I’ll do my best to complete the IronDistance and then some! All proceeds go directly towards AiT.

That will probably mean that I will spend many mornings on my bike trainer using “The Sufferfest” dvds, finding time to get to the pool and going out for brisk runs. My hip has been really hurting so I’ll have to take it a little easy on the running! This will be my biggest challenge!

One of my biggest motivators is a challenge with a purpose! Enabling Zachary and others to experience the joy of movement and fresh air along with the thrill of race participation is indescribable!

Zachary at the Park

Zachary at the Park

Please message me if you would like to make a pledge!

Oh yeah, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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